You are the creator of your own destiny. To live is a grace from Providence, but to live happily is of your own making. Don't postpone your improvement and enlightenment by saying, "Well, whatever God has created, I accept it." That is merely inertia or laziness-which is a sin.

You should never give up in working with yourself. One thing that is very destructive in life is to weaken your own willpower. Your willpower says, "I can do it; I will it; I have to do it!" This is what you should always remind yourseld: "I can do it; I will do it, and I have to do it!"

If you fail and stumble once, try again; don't give up. Giving up is defeat, and that defeat will cripple your inner sensitivity and then you will lose that sensitivity. Try to work with yourself. Correct practice will lead you to perfection-work with yourself. If you talk too much, for example, then decide that you will continue to speak and do so purposefully, but not uselessly, those who speak too much usually speak nonsense. They don't say what they really want to say. You waste your energy through your speech, and this is also the case with your actions-you waste your energy by performing actions that are injurious for your health and your future.

You don't need to make any external change to improve your inner situation, be wherever you are. Learn to decide things and to create determination, and you can attain the highest state. You'll never become lost if you search within, but you'll always be lost if you are searching for something outside yourself, the search lies within, from the gross self to the subtlest aspect of your being.

You remain negative and frightened all the time: you are afraid of dying, you are afraid of not attaining what you want, and you are afraid of loosing what you have. You have so many fears, and fear is the greatest of all enemies.

First, understand your duties and how to perform them skillfully. This is a very simple formula, but you need to apply it practically and systematically. Decide every morning that no matter what happens, you will not let anything disturb you. If you become emotionally disturbed, then you cannot do anything worthwhile.

You need to be balanced; and that you will deal with the things that come, undisturbed. If You resolve to do this, you'll find that a great change takes place in your life. Never think that you can not achieve big goals in life. This is negative thinking! Don't do that to yourself. Do your best and then surrender all your actions and the Innermost Dweller within yourself: Give me strength so that I can endure this. Give me strength so that I am successful. Give me strength so that I don't forget you. If you ask for that, you'll gain strength. All the strength really comes from within; the outside world inspires, but strength comes within and you will reach your goal in life.