The first thing we teach apprentice swamis or serious students of meditation when they want to develop their minds is that when they wake up, they should immediately get out of bed. The number of minutes that it takes for you to get out of bed will tell you how lazy you are. Your mind will say, "Oh, it's Sunday, I don't have to work, let me stay in bed." That's a very bad way of training yourself; it's a bad way of teaching your mind. Regardless of whether it's Sunday or Monday, you should get up and get out of bed. If you remain inert in bed, you are wasting time and energy, and at the same time forming a bad habit that affects you on both physical and mental levels.

If you really want to discipline yourself and your mind develop yourself, then the first thing that you have to learn is to get out of bed the moment you wake up, and not remain in bed tossing or turning. Rise, wash, and finish your morning ablutions, and then do something useful. Do not remain idle and inert.

This is an important secret of life; if you remain idle without doing something useful your mind thinks scattered and random thoughts, and wastes its energy. Your good thoughts should definitely be brought into action. A thought is like an unripened fruit that is not yet eaten by anyone. Ripening fruit means bringing a positive thought into action. Many good thoughts die because they are not brought into action. He who is grat, successful, creative, and dynamic known how to bring all this good and creative thinking process.

To be creative in this manner is technique that have to learn for yourself by forming good, sound, healthy habits, physically and mentally. A positive, dynamic person conducts his duties well and has established coordination between his thoughts, speech and action.