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India's Food Waste Problem

India boasts the world's second-largest production of fruits and vegetables, with an estimated output of over 300 million tons annually. However, despite this abundance, a staggering 30-40% of this produce ends up wasted due to various factors like transportation, storage, and unsold stock. This translates to a massive economic loss, nutritional deficiency, and environmental damage. • Transportation, • Storage, • Unsold produce.

The Problem of Food Waste in India

  • Transportation
  • Inadequate Storage Facilities
  • Unsold produce

Our Initiative

A Sustainable Solution to Food Waste

With a vision to reduced post-harvest losses, enhanceing nutritional value and increased income for farmers. We help farmers with dehydrating their produce when these are available in plenty. Solar dryer technology can be utilized in food processing for producing hygienic, high-quality food products.

Solar Dry Fruits and Vegetables

A promising solution to address this challenge is solar drying. This simple yet effective technology utilizes the sun's natural heat to remove moisture from fruits and vegetables, extending their shelf life and reducing spoilage. Solar dryers can be constructed using locally available materials, making them a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to traditional drying methods.

Benefits of Solar Drying

  • Enhanced nutritional value
  • Increased shelf life
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduced post-harvest losses
  • Increased income for farmers
  • Improved food security
Solar Dry

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