Vedic Care is a social enterprise under aegis of Vedic Raksha Sansthan is providing profound services since 1998. Our services include holistic care, research, assistance, eco-conservation and publications.

A strong advocator of sustainable development, our firm provides research and analysis for possible solutions on today’s socio-economical and environmental challenges. We value curiosity, integrity, hard work, and creativity. We also believe good research and strategic insights come from an intense focus on our clients, rigorous methods, and occasionally challenging conventional norms.

Equally as important, we aim to delight our clients by being timely and responsive.

Vedic Care with its in-house publication, help in providing books, journals and other literature works to the reader community. In our initiative of promoting holistic living, we deal in organic products. We organize periodic workshops for propagating Sustainable Development, Eco-Conservation and Profound Wellbeing.

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